S1.5 ashtray removal

Rob or one of you guys with a S 1.5 taken the ashtray out of the console?

I’m sending the console off to the Upholstry guy, but for the life of me cannot figure out how to remove the ashtray!

I haven’t removed the ashtray but my center console is removed so I went out to take a look. I have no idea!! Definitely isn’t apparent by looking at the top or the bottom. I’m sure someone else has done so, and will reply.


Is it like the ashtray in an S2?:


If it is - then you can remove the lid and innards (lifts out) but the outer portion is ‘trapped’ under the wood top and metal base of the ‘ski slope’.

I don’t think you want to remove and keep it in hand as your upholstery guy needs to install it as he mounts the ski slope to the console body

Ask him about it.


If it is the ashtray type mounted above the radio aperture on the center console, it’s held in place by a metal catch spring mounted on top over the tray area itself.

Depressing it clears the catch and lets you pull the tray out. However, you may need to use a tool like a flat screwdriver, pushed through a convenient notch in the flip-up ash grille, to reach it. (On mine, a little side to side wiggling usually clears it.)

Interesting that one might need a tool to remove the ashtray - I would have thought in those days this would be a pretty frequent operation so needing a tool would be a annoyance. But then, perhaps getting one’s fingers dirty with ashes was too vulgar an idea for a Jaguar owner, so they didn’t mind using a tool to release the ashtray…


The Upholstry guy won’t do any restoration of the ashtray, hence the need for me to make it pretty before it goes. This is the one I have.

AS Geo said there’s no way to get this out without removing the top “ski slope” part of the console. It is held on by metal tabs that bend around the lower part of the console. This is what the underside of my ski slope looks like:

You can see where the ash tray fits through the bottom and is held in place by the lip on the bottom of the ash tray.

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The lid doesn’t look to bad. As for the ‘bottom’ of the opening…


That is the top of the metal console body, not part of the ashtray.

I cut a square of matching vinyl and glued it to the top of the metal console so when you remove the ashtray insides you see vinyl, not pitted or rusty metal.

I would think a good upholstery guy would do the same but you might mention this to him.

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