S1 air cleaner question paint

I have an early production year 1966 (January). What is the JCNA approved color for the triangle shaped air plenum, the trumpet section on the carburettors and, the trash can shaped air filter box?
if it’s Hammerite, I think that is NLA. Is Rustoleum silver hammerite a suitable substitute?

from the pictures I have found on the web a 66 looks like reg silver, not Hammerite textured? But hard to tell on computer

Hi Bill,

I can’t speak for the JCNA, but my July 1966 build ex S1 2+2 for sure had original Silver Hammerite paint on that and the plenum. I think there may be a terminology problem, as it was clearly silver, and the Hammerite effect was almost unnoticeable, a bit like the metallic effect in the original Opalescent Dark Green paint that made 95% of people think it would have been some dark variation of BRG.

I do have photos somewhere, I left the original paint on it and only did a few touch ups with silver paint applied with a small brush. YMMV.


This is what the Rustoleum Hammerite looks like on my old 2+2:

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