S1 air conditioning, for resale down the road. yes or no?

Undecided if I should put it in or not? I’m leaning to yes. My car is mostly stock.

I reckon yes…… I couldn’t get my wife into a car in over 22 Celsius …… if done discretely it will not detract from the value ….in fact will probably enhance it…… I did mine in sympathetic style and as discreetly as possible ….if you want details pm me

I used original ducting heater core and recirculated the air…… I have since modified slightly to take in fresh air too…….if doing again I would use a combined heater/cooler matrix and you can then use original snail type casing albeit a little wider.

I also used all hard lines other than to the compressor…… makes it very neat and decrete

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Wow, nice install! please send any further details including Alternator.
I assume it cools well?

I am also interested how you made it recirculate and interior shots of the outlets inside your car.

It was well worth the investment in my series 1 since I live in Florida. :sunglasses:

I’m looking into aftermarket AC systems also. Does anyone have any experience with the kit from Moss? I’m in sunny Florida too. The driving season is over for me,which is too bad now that the traffic is down from the snowbirds going north.

This piece came with my car, from my friend who died, no other parts though.
I’m just not sure about using it. You have to cut a 4’’ hole in the dash to fit it.

LHD may be more restrictive?

Yes it will be …. You cannot do recirculation unless you cut up the car….I was able to use the clutch pedal mounting plate to draw the air back from the car…… I have seen a snail style ( but wider) that had the dual heat/cool matrix fitted……using all fresh air from the standard air intake ….( the car is not on the road yet so I’m not sure how effective it is ) …… the alternator is a denso from Suzuki sierra …… 1484 is the number I think. The compressor is driven via waterpump and crank route….the alternator from the waterpump second sheave on the pulley……I used a series3 xj6 waterpump pulley ….I’ve written about this under air conditioning threads .
I have used the kit from retroair in USA (rhd version) in my earlier car ….and whilst effective it was in my view excessively noisey….thus the engine bay fit……
this photo from the build shows radio aperture conversion to outlet and also controls …… the original heater switch is used to. Switch to aircon from straight heater fan control which is on the facia control……I put adjustable foot vents in place of the vent doors.
The air comes via the original plenum and an extended plenum out the base under the demister outlets……. Oh yes no radio….but Bluetooth under the front passenger seat.


My opinion is if you do it do it because you want to enjoy it, the potential effect on future sales be damned. Sometimes you’ve got to live for the moment. Let the next owner decide what he likes and dislikes.


I understand what you are saying. just looking for opinions, I could go either way. just way easier to do it during my restoration than after.

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Thanks, you have given me some interesting ideas. I can see more research is in my future, I like the idea of keeping it more stock looking and the potentially noisy fan problems others have mentioned. Cheers Richard

I’ve definitely seen a kit similar to Danny’s rig, but it’s not quite as small. It replaces the heater box and works with both drive sides I believe. I can’t recall who the vendor is though. They are in the EU IIRC, and are one of the less commonly installed kits. I really like the idea of being able to use the existing vents.

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Yep Clayton heaters in Uk Erica…… as expensive as all get out!
Iirc the version that is both recirculating and fresh air type requires the battery to be moved to the air filter can area and the replacement of the plenum box with some other filter setup ….

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Interesting I’m not seeing the big recirculating box any longer. They have a footwell option which I’ve never noticed before. Kind of ugly. I like the radio tower but meh…no condensation drain…ick.

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I got Clayton’s combined recirculating and fresh air system and found out that they redesigned the system that required moving the battery to the other side. There should be a condensation drain, which mine does have, if the evaporator is in the radio tower.

How do you find the effectiveness?

I’m dying to find out! I’m not where the car is being worked on and won’t be for another month, hopefully not more. I have been told to be surprised, though.

I say install AC. I live in Florida so I am installing AC in my 68 FHC. The more comfortable you make it, the more you will enjoy it (Florida or Canada). It the installation is clean and works well, it can only increase the value of the car. By the way, I am also installing a 5 speed, hight torque starter, and upgraded brakes.


Where in Florida are you located bill?