S1 Bumper seal on rear bumper

When the rear bumper seal goes forward and wraps around the pointy end of the rear bumper, curls under and heads back to the rear…how far does it do? And is there a bumper clip that goes there too?
Also, not sure how the rubber fits under the over rider?
Got these two photos anyone?

This is the front bumper but the rear is done the same way… A small clip is used to secure the end of the seal. The other ends doesn’t pass under the over-riders - it passes behind them.

photo credit for E-type UK forum

So??? just any convenient number of inches wraps around? Looks to be about 2 1/2

Mine look like that - no clip used Araldite - two demerits. Paul.

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It was about 2-1/2" on mine. You need enough to get the seal to turn that sharp corner and stay put. Too short it will want to slide off the edge. I also notched the back of the seal where that sharp corner occurred, to allow the seal to turn without buckling.

good info.

What is the bolt arrangement at the front. It’s 5/16 Fine but how long and is it just a big fender washer inside the fender? What goes between the bumper and the car body? I can’t locate the forward mounting hardware or, over rider bolt, though I have the four body bolt hardware. Still searching the lists and boxes.

I would always cut darts in it, and ‘skinny up’ the inside bit enough to remain under the bumper.

Cannot tell you the factory schema, but I used wedge-shaped iron washers, under the bumpers, to adjust the 'droop."

I have a bunch left over, if ya want them. I used socket bolts and they were about 2 inches long. Chase the threads in the bumpers, and use NoSeez.

and you used the sloped washers on the rear bumpers? I know you need them on the front. If so, yeah I’ll take four

It must be the same material that fills the bumper gap also lines the cut out sections of the over riders, right? My rubber kit has just one length of material

well this is way more stuff than I have. Where does it all go?

What the heck are those square clip things?

What looks like two rubber pads? Why only two? there are four through the body bolts. And it looks like the split locks and two washes go to those but that would put a washer (which one) right up against the metal which does not seem correct.

There is a different profile rubber seal that runs under the over-riders between them and the chrome bumper blades. Search the usual catalogs - you’ll find it.

Read this thread.

Got it!! Searched out old pieces and then matched them up to the new one (one piece) in the rubber kit.
Don’t know just how long to make them though. do they cover the whole bottom of the over rider? Old ones seam short of that but too brittle to be sure

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I assume these are fabricated and not the commonly sold wedges for the front bumper. If so I would love to see a photo of the shape and size that worked for you.

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