S1 FHC Interior Replacement

Great job Rick!

Looks good.

It seems like Jaguar improved the skirt arrangement over the windshield on later cars by just using one removable piece which could be upholstered separately.

On the earlier cars, they used three pieces which needed to be attached first, then covered in situ. So I hope my description didn’t cause too much confusion.

Not at all Clive! Your posts have been very helpful. As are yours John.


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Excellent work Rick! And, for me very timely as I now have the main section of the headliner glued up and moving on to the “skirts”. Thanks for the detail on the front panel above the windshield. Mine was covered by just vinyl by some aftermarket upholsterer years ago so I had nothing to go on. Your write-up is much appreciated.

I don’t see the bleed through you mentioned. As I’m using just the Weldwood Landau Top glue, I am interested in just how saturated it has to get to bleed through the wool. I was advised to spray a light but consistently covered amount of glue and that seemed to work for me. I did experiment with a piece of scrap wool and some flannel cloth though to get some feel as to what does work.
On the paint can tip, I did the same and I believe that YouTube article was here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZ_9KSHezFU
Great job!!!

Hi Scott,
Here is a better picture of the bleed through (blue). The difference might in be application type. So far I am only using a brush. As soon as the saturated end of the brush touches the fabric, it wicks in and quickly stains. You’ll notice it is not stained everywhere in this photo. The stains are where I began and the better areas were done using many applications of an almost dry brush.

Also if you are working in this area, beware of overaggressive trimming of the side skirts near the visor mounts. Here is my original.

I failed to notice the area outlined in blue (below) and trimmed my new fabric to the red line. It is now just barely covered by the front skirt.

When I move onto the wheel arches, I’ll start spraying I think.


Good tip on the visor area skirt trim.
I did a test on the wool with brush. It didn’t work. I was also warned by the Landau glue supplier (https://glueplace.com/) to not use a brush on the wool because it’ll soak through. On the bottom edges of the skirt wool, I’ll still use just a brush so I can control the sticking area and it cannot be seen - I think.
Re. the barely covering, this entire job is a series of just “barelys” I am finding!

That yellow bleed-through on the backside of the panel doesn’t matter of course, so no harm no foul. I’m having Carol Cone in Atlanta do my seats and she’s given me lots of instruction via phone. Like, When spraying the wool move quickly, lightly and evenly with two passes - left and right. But, make sure you have complete coverage. By moving quickly and lightly, the glue flashes quickly and avoids bleed through. And, “Don’t pay too much attention to the clock, use the finger stick test instead as humidity, temperature and applied glue amount are all variables not accounted for with a clock.”
Keep on writing the tips and experience. It is all useful.