S1 fuel line routing

I don’t have any pictures of my original fuel bowl to fuel rail routing. I snagged these from BaT. Are they accurate?

Also found this one where a P-Clip was added. I have an empty hole in that location too, although I don’t see one listed in the SPC.

Here’s mine, behind the hard line and under the subframe diagonal.

Rick OBrien
65 FHC in FL

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Mine just has a black rubber strap holding it to the diagonal tube. It looks like you have a hole for a p-clip which I’m pretty sure mine lacks. You might as well use it. I don’t think anything else fits there.

Thanks. I’m trying to stay as original as possible so I can pass the scrutiny of the newly updated @Harvey_Ferris concours training!


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Well… ask @Harvey_Ferris !


At the judges training we had a special 45 minute breakout meeting on fuel line routing!

(just kidding)

Rick, if you Google “what is the correct routing for a fuel line to the carbs on a jaguar E-type” among other things you’ll get some Chris Vine photos. Not sure if these are definative.

Hard to say. He routes outside the hard line and rides against the canister, which doesn’t seem like a great idea to me.


Are you worried about fretting against the canister? Come on man!

Possibly. It just seems unwise to place a vibrating fuel line against anything without first stabilizing it. I snagged the picture below of a '65 unmolested 8,000 mile car from this Michael Owen video. It’s good to revisit this video from time to time.

The fuel line is routed behind the hard line not touching the canister and secured against the subframe diagonal like Erica mentioned. I’ll be going this route I think.


Indeed, it’s a good thing to keep that line from rubbing against the air cleaner canister: that said, it would take dozens of years, if ever, for that line to wear through against that kind of surface.

I have my fuel line in that area wrapped with some leftover split hose, just to avoid such a thing happening.

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Belts and suspenders, can’t hurt!

Just make sure it doesn’t interfere with the hood pin and latch and nothing good comes from things rubbing IMHO