S1 Heater hoses

Hi All,
I have an S1 Sovereign project car. As supplied, the heater matrix had been bypassed, hopefully just because of a faulty hose. The actuating valve had been left dangling and the hose from the lower separate coolant pipe connected directly to the outlet at the back of the inlet manifold. I have purchased part no C30806, which is supposed the be the hose connecting the heater valve to the heater matrix inlet ( or outlet ) on the bulkhead. Should this (a) connect to the top or bottom matrix pipe, and (b) if so the hose supplied appears to be too long, forcing a kink in it. ( from SNG Barratt with correct part number on it). Anyone have photo of this neck of the woods, please?

Thermo dynamics would indicate that it should go to the top connection on the heater matrix? Could always be wrong on that :slight_smile:

I just PM’d you the manual pages pertaining to the heater servos