S1 ots windscreen "stay"?

I need to install a windscreen in my '64 OTS. It was missing when I bought the car. The Jaguar repair manual refers to a “windscreen stay”, but I can’t find one listed in the Jaguar Spares Catalogue. Is there another name for this part? Also, if you know of a video of installing this windscreen, please give me the link.

Possibly referring to what some call the ‘tension rod’ or ‘mirror rod’?

BD19517 – Item 3 in this illustration:

I was wondering if that might be it, although it’s called a “socket” in the Spares Catalogue.

The socket is #1 in the above diagram. The rod is called a mirror rod or windscreen stabilizer rod (#3) and then there is also the lower bracket (#10).

All available here:


I’m sure the other usual suppliers would also have it.

I believe there is also a lock washer and lock nut on the bottom of rod #3, not shown in the diagram.

Thank you very much.

Wow. The thin chrome finisher strip (p/n 4) is $400 … guess I’ll leave my dinged one alone.

If you think that’s bad, try buying a new canopy panel for the top. $1900 !