(s1) relay diagram/location/work

Doesn’t start ,

no sparks feed and noted smoke come from ballistor and wire next contacts inside distributor too.

Founded start relay at firewall centre.

However i have another relay 6RA at RH side next ignition coil.

What’s this second relay ? what do ?

Finally , exsist a diagram or a sheet about all relay location ?

Already founded wiring sheet .

Thank’ you all , this forum give much to me.


It is the horn relay.

Great forum!
Great people!

thank you Robert!

OT exhist place for write about me and my jag?..and read about yours !

There is no “Me and my Jag” topic as such. Some users create a topic to cover a larger work in progress, and some of the categories have a “What did you do to your model today” topic.

Most of us have a fair idea of what everyone else is doing or struggling with just from following the forum.

You can use the “Location”, “About Me” and “My Cars” fields in your profile to give some detail - this is helpful to other users as it allows them to see what year/model your Jag is.

ok Andrew i will create a new topic for my car.
and also use my profile for give some detail !!!

Isn’t nice come here from moon and start stalking users only…

I’m sorry new question is across 2 discussion.

I would buy 2 relay:

  1. 6ra 33231e 12 v 4369 on starter/firewall relay
  2. 33206(or 0) 9f12v2969 in Rh side next coil.

Can you help me buy correct and good quality relays?

What do you actually plan to do, Fred - and why…?

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Fred, if you are interested I have a 6RA relay.
As for the second one isn’t it a generic relay ?

Frank ,

only plan will be destroy this car using a 300 E w 124 mercedes and after work …drive the immaculate 300E for a world tour without trubles. :woozy_face::exploding_head::grinning::grinning:

before , i would ear this engine…

33231E doesn’t work , i would 33209 also.

and lost in relay/substitude/chassis/ampere codes.

Yesterday first start aftert last 3 years works.
only few second because fuel drop from SU.

The electrical NEW parts have extremly low quality and give a bad spark fire…
best light come with older cap , coil and rotor!

BUY ONLY HIGH QUALITY ELECTRICAL PART ! (buyed from great jag shop however this parts are bad!)

So Changed only ballistor and contact set.

these short ignition gived fire to me too…:grinning:

What parts did initially change, Fred…?

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Dear , smoke come from starter relay, ballistor and condenser.

1)repareid relay
2)new ballistor
3)new coil
4)new cap
5)new spark wire
6)new rotor
7)new contact
8)new condenser

Bad fire on sparks.

Tried with older coil , older cap , older rotor gived good flame.

NEW electrical components are incredible LIGHT , with low quality opposite to older.

i will try again new parts , only coil , only rotor , only cap in order to define more lower parts.

Dear they are extremly light material !!

That is a very orderly way of sorting wheat from chaff, Fred…:slight_smile:

Irrespective of parts quality, which usually relates to longevity, the only component affecting sparking at plugs should be the coil, and possibly HT wires.

With mechanical points; the coil is critical and must be of roughly the correct type. A ‘wrong’ coil used with an external resistor may cause weak sparking. This is not a quality issue…

Serves you right for changing all parts at the same time without testing…? :slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe |(UK/NZ)

Have I ever made that mistake a few times!! I wish I’d been privy to the wisdom of your posts, Frank, starting about 60 years ago. :slight_smile:

60 years ago, in Norway, I was in the ‘happy’ position that there were so few spare parts available that the ‘wholesale’ method was impractical, Robert…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Yes Frank you wrote about only right way for works i’m same idea.
However after 3 years ,a froustating x hours to study parts , xx hours for order , xxx hours for wash , xxxx hours for disassemble and Mount , infinte euro used…i need ear run this engine/car …reply from xj6, as you know, was smoke…so replaced wiring line from battery to contact inside cap.

Exhaustion make a bad works order…

I got away with it a couple of years ago.

Daughter very anxious as to the reliability of her well worn 2001 Passat. Missed at times and at others, just quit!

A scan reported 5 of it’s 6 cylinders misfiring at times…

Ignition failures? Or injection failures?

I chose to attack the first. Whole sale, full on attack.
Coil pack of six, with module. Six HT wires and new spark plugs. . ,

Interesting OHC V6 revealed on cover removal… Hemi,
spark plug wells. I had the tools to deal with them.

Out with all, extreme care on firing order and no stripping on the alloy heads. A bit f a wrestle on and “odd” connector…

Done., Fired almost immediately on crank. Much, much better…

Alas, daughter swapped it oin for a newer Nissan !
probably a good move…