S1 tunnel tabs tune me up

Can someone tell me what these tabs are for there’s one on each side off the transmission tunnel

Cheers and thks

Radio console (I think). I used a ¼x28 acorn nut on them.


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That’s what I thought but my radio console doesn’t it has two on the top and doesn’t extend that low I’ll have to look at it closer . Something is funny I think

The threaded rods protrude through the holes in the radio console and then an acorn nut like is used on the cam covers holds everything together.

You can see the acorn nut just forward of the radio speaker grill in this picture.

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Ok thks guys I’ll have to do some homework
As a side your supposed to be able to put the centre console in by raising the park brake lever
Well I’ll have to jack the back and disconnect the park brake so the lever will go straight up :man_shrugging:

I’ve never had to get it straight up. Remove the shift ball, pull the handbrake as high as it does get and with the radio panel out you can tilt the front of the console down in front and work it over the shifter and hand brake as you pull it rearward

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I’ve done it both ways but is much easier with the handbrake disconnected.

Note in the pictures, the location of the stud and nut securing the console differs quite a bit between AC and non-AC cars

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Earlier cars with alinmium dash panel only had one attachment point at the top corner of the radio console.
BTW I found it easier to just remove the front handbrake mounting screws to tilt the lever further up to remove the console.

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Tried it need about 2 inches ,I’ll look at it again on your say so , maybe need more hands

Good idea I’ll look at it
I’ve got my seats in and I trying not to mark them , it’s easy to damage the switch label strip fooling with this thing . My console has the aluminum under the leather and my radio console is an early one, I’m thinking see what makes me happy

Note to self
Adjust park brake lever straight up if you ever want to service the transmission . Lots I can’t remember about working on this car but I do remember wrestling this thing years ago
Oh the horrors


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What a shame it’s covered with leather. It’d be interesting to see if the centre intrument panel & radio panel are also aliminium, it’d be worth cleaning up if they’re in reasonable condition.

The instrument panel is and my ashtray is the smaller rounded one ,I’ve considered removing the leather but careful what you wish for ,they must have just covered it don’t think it’s seen the lite of day

I doubt it would have been covered like that in the factory. Is the leather the same as the seats & the central cubby armrest, if it has one?

Those are definitely for a radio console. If you don’t have the correct radio console that could explain why it won’t reach. Something to look into.>

It sure looks factory’ I’ve changed some material over the years so hard to say and I’ve suspected the radio console is incorrect

You put this stuff in storage thinking it’s good relatively speaking then pull it out years later and it’s just not good enough for the refurbished car
More work I guess attention to details

this is what my '63 radio console looked like before I recovered it. Yours is a S1 4.2 model from '67 so it will have a different attachment to the tunnel and dash than mine does, but it was the same shape as this one. Is this what yours looks like?

Here is a S1 4.2 from Martin Robey that should be what you have.

Yours looks like it , I was working on the car so I stuffed the console in by yanking on the park brake to day, had a good look at the radio console ,rounded up some old cam cover nuts ,for now the radio console is just sitting in there Mickey Mouse it fits suppose it will work but ……… Anyway It’s coming along thks for the help you guys now I know 1/2 the battle

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on my S2 coupe with factory air, have not had to do anything with the EB to get radio console in/out. Just put gear lever in 2nd or 4th and tilt console up and out. Perhaps the depth of the radio unit factors in.

Oh the radio console goes in and out it’s the center console that needs to come down over the EB it’s tight, the more vertical the EB lever the easier it is . Mine has all new pads and no cable slack as a worn stretched set up would have . A little persuasion did it