S1 XJ6 third style diff output shaft seals

Hi all,
I need to replace the diff output shaft seals on one of my S1’s. It’s the 3rd style that has the seal as part of the caliper carrier plate. These are part no’s 12471 & 12472 - the seals are not listed by themselves but IIRC they are separate oil seals pressed into the plate.

The weird thing is that E-Types of the same vintage use them too so you’d think the whole part or it’s seal would be available…

Anyway does anyone have a part number for just the seal? I could possibly find one that would work but I haven’t pulled them out yet for fear of taking the output shaft all apart and then not being able to get a seal. Hoping that someone has done this and has a cross reference for the seals.

BTW this is not the square O-ring bearing seal (12473) - I can get those no problem.


I may have found the answer from a post in the E-Type forum. It appears to be part number RTC1216. Can anyone confirm before I pull the trigger? They’re not cheap so I’d like to get the right ones on the first try.

Did you ever find the part number you were seeking?

Jeff H

I think you are right it shows this number in my parts book RTC 1216
and a number JLM1264 written by a parts guy. hope this helps.

Yes guys. That part number was it.