S1 XKE Distributor 40888D

I am looking for a replacement for my distributor. I would even consider a non working unit with a good body that I can transfer the guts of mine into.

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Hello Jack, I thought you would have responded etc as a response to the dizzy pictures. I hope you get what you’re seeking. Have a good evening…

Hi Garth,
I thought that I did reply yesterday, explaining that I did not know if the unit you have is compatible with mine. I don’t know why the reply was not posted. Sorry about that

Hi Garth,
I just checked and found the response I posted yesterday. It is listed under the pictures you sent me of your unit.(Thought I was going nuts). Anyway, thanks for sending the images

Jack I have a distributor out of a 67 E-type marked 41060A in VG condition with points or Luminition , new or used caps - push in or screw ROPAJ@ATT.NET

Thanks for contacting me. I’m looking into repairing my original distributor (been to a welder and a machine shop and they are telling me it is “doable”). I have to think the repair thru though. Not sure if welding the aluminum will cause more problems than I have already. On the chance that I do get stuck, how much are you asking for the 67 distributor?

Sorry for delay. Hopefully they can fix distributor especially if original to car.
I am asking $120 for the distributor with points or $150 with the Luminition module.
I also have available caps, points, rotors, etc


Bobby Prior

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On the advice from willinda (Garth Pusey), I had British Vacuum Unit in NH repair and restore my distributor. Rob at BVU is extremely knowledgeable with regards to British distributors. He repaired the broken ring, cleaned the unit and set the correct timing curve. Got the distributor back and it looks better than new. Thanks again Garth!

You’re welcome Jack, happy I could be of help. Have a great day, cheers!— :wine_glass: