S3 Fuel Tank pick up tube strainer

Hi Gents,
This weekend I decided to remove my fuel tank out of my S3 for a internal cleaning. I was looonng overdue. As I removed the fuel pick-up assembly, I noticed that the “strainer” at the end of the pick up tube has partially disintegrated. I checked the usual suppliers and see none listed. Could someone please tell me where to locate one ? Or how to fashion a good substitute ? Thanks to all

What was on both of mine (series1) was the small plastic filter from a hand held paint sprayer. It was a friction fit over the tube. Not sure how the coupling was removed as I was not the bodger. I have seen the correct part new on ebay and am sure that the usuals probably sell it. On my list of things to correct but it works fine for now.

This may help, from the archives: XKE S2 Gas Tank Sock FIlter

Hi Geoff,
Thanks for that tip…I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve checked SNG and Xks but no luck. I’ll try Welsh and Terrys next…I’d really like to have the OEM strainer on the end. My tank is heavily contaminated with varnish residue as well as rust flakes. Its being treated now.

Have you called the suppliers directly? I have found that it is not unusual to have difficulty finding parts in the catalogues or online but the salesperson can hook you right up. I just saw the posting of the picture of the series 2 arrangement and it looks like the coupling would not have to be removed to pop on a plastic filter.if yours is the same this would get you back on the road till you found the correct part.

No…not yet…may have to call them direct as you say…The link “Old_Ed” sent is a big help as well - Thank you Ed…My original strainer was a slip friction fit.

Does this help?


  • Manfred

BINGO … Thanks Manfred…that will do nicely. I sincerely appreciate all the responses from everyone. I love coming to this board to read and learn. Great group of people…!!!