*** Sad Day For Me ***

(Grahame Loader) #1

Yesterday my XK8 went to the great parts bin in the sky. Last July it was damaged when someone backed into me. His insurance company wrote it off. I spent the last three months haggling with them on the value. Finally ended up close enough to not be worth taking them to court.

I’ll keep swinging by the forum, to see if I have any pertinent knowledge to share. I’ve enjoyed interacting with you guys.

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #2

Sorry to hear that, similar happened to me when my X300 was shunted in the back by a HGV and span me into a concrete wall at about 65 mph. Insurance wrote that off too as uneconomic to repair, but to my knowledge it’s been registered as scrapped as yet.
I’ll keep checking to see if it does come back on the road in future,many cars do!

(Grahame Loader) #3

Thanks for the sympathy, Neil. It’s gone off to the auction, so it may come back. The idiot who backed onto it, managed to damage the hood, fender, light cluster and bumper molding. Limited damage to look at it; but, since the insurance co’s use new parts, the cost easily exceeded the value. The sad thing is, everything worked on it and it was in overall good shape. I’ve since done a deal on an X Type wagon.

From the sound of your collision, it could have been deadly. I hope you weren’t injured.

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #4

Nope I and my son were fine, but bruised and shaken but OK! I’ve managed to find a 2004 S Type in almost showroom condition with 49000 miles on the clock.
Though at this point the electrics/bells & whitles scarebut witless so I’ll be posting for assistance on the S Type Forum in the future!