Saddle shaped wiring clips

Anybody know anything about these wiring harness clips I found on my Mark V original wiring harness? Manufacturer? Trade name?

large saddle clip
My 120 has 4 of the middle size one in the trunk where the harness passes over from right to left over the hinges, also used on LHD Mark V, which leads me to believe it is C.2888, and the large one is C2729.

They were used on the XK120 4 across back for wiring running right to left under boot lid hinges.
Also 4 I believe carrying wiring up the inside of panels in front of radiator

Hi Rob,
My July 1952 OTS had 3 or 4 of the mid-sized clips on the right-side of the engine compartment body. They held the wire-wound water temperature tubing and possibly a section of the bonnet-release cable.

Here’s one of these clips securing the wiring harness near the right side trunk hinge of my XK120.

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Yep, looks like we’re all in agreement that they are in the 120 trunk. I’ve got four of the middle size C.2888 running across the top panel, hidden up there where they didn’t paint.
I vaguely remember one in front, maybe it’s up behind my FHC air induction hose.
The small one might be C.2735 as listed in the Mark V SPC.
But nobody knows where they came from, a name or manufacturer?


Thanks to “Graces Guide” once more, this appears to be another “Carr Fastener” product. They call it a “Wiring and Tubing Clip”. Most of the clips Jaguar used were made by this company, located in Nottingham (UK). See the advertisements below from the period 1943 - 1954.

Bob K.

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Yep, that’s it. Excellent, thanks Bob.
They are used for tach and speedo cables on Mark V.
“Simplifies and speeds up assembly”. Yes, they are certainly faster to install than P-clips.
A search finds that they are related to United-Carr in the US and Canada.
I wonder if anybody still sells them?
I also recognize the Tee nut used on SS floors, and the brake line clip used on Mark V and XKs.