Sadly I had to part with my XJ12

A lorry decided he didn’t need to wait for me to clear the way before turning.
Unfortunately I don’t have the time to fix this right now and my wife decided this is a good opportunity to take the insurance money and invest it in a family car.
So sadly the car is gone and a new Ford S-Max is on order…
I hope to buy another XJ12 or maybe XJ6 when my wifes Golf eventually dies and I can convince her to use the S-Max after that…
The BMW e34 touring died with engine failure and is not worth fixing a couple of days before the accident. So we are left with my BMW e30 and my wifes Golf for now

I am not quite sure if an X300 or a series 1 or 2 XJ would be a good future replacement for the XJ12.

Sorry my friend , The x300 v12 was a special car, nothing today would feel the same…
Since your on that side of the pond, A family ride that comes close with all round glass and durable ride .
Try a used or new LR4.
Its old school.
I like it , most modern cars are rolling airbags.

Not sure where you are located but if in the US any low mileage fsh X300 or X308 post 2002 would make a satifactory replacement, here in the UK good ones are like “ rocking horse sh*t to find!
Good look with a search.
Nil carbarundum desperatum!

Excuse spelling but Jim Butterworth’s dog aided by Iggy helped me with the quote and typing.

I am in Germany. It is possible to find good x300s here, but unfortunately another Jaguar will have to wait until my wifes car dies and I can convice her to drive the S-Max after that. Alternatively I would have to sell my BMW e30, which I doubt I will do. Space is an Issue and I have nowhere to put another car.

When the time has come to buy another car, I wonder if it will be an x300, or maybe series 1 or 2 XJ6.
The x300 V12 was a very nice car to drive, fuel consumption was the only thing that stoped me from using it as a daily driver. I would expect the AJ16 to be a lot better in that respect.
On the other hand, I think the old series 1 and 2 XJs are even better looking, probably drive quite nicely as well but might cost an arm and a leg to use as a daily driver.

My 3.2 L N/A X300 does 23 mpg for an Urban mix of journys of about 3 to 10 miles each and 28 to 30mpg on a Motorway run. I believe the X308 is somewhat better.

I love them all so might be bias.
Ive had many 95 through 2003 and an original series 1.
If you can find a 95through 97 low mileage with records and a 4.0
Your golden for 200,000 miles and you can diy almost all of the regular service, with modern safety .
If you drive a mile to work the series 1 is fine, but with the way people drive on top of you , it would be a challenge.
The xj8’s are fine but have a built in clock. Once they hit 100,000 miles the engine and tranny implode!
That’s why they are sold for quid.
Nice cars though, I preffer the x300 , but they are all great.
Good luck

Not sure about the consumption. Harlem, my '00 X-308, was getting less than 17 MPG (U.S.) with city-only driving, which to me seems low, even for a V-8. The last year or so I’m lucky now to even get 14 MPG. No idea what’s up with that, as I run fuel system cleaner and Ethanol “remover” through her on a regular basis. Her plugs are good and new air filter recently. Tires are also full of air. :confused:

I was at about 18 l/100 km which is 13.5 us mpg

I thought I’d never smile again after I lost my last v12. But the x308 4 litre was a revelation after the 6 cyl 4 litres I’d tried. Super smooth, quiet, much more economical and stupid fast, with that dukes of hazard sound when you floored it. A fine car in my view and it’ll make you get over the v12.

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It looks like I might be back in business.:grin:
If all goes well, this will be the replacement for the XJ12:

It’s only a 3.2l, but it is a manual an seems to be in pretty good condition (haven’t seen it myself yet, which is a bit of a risk :sweat_smile:).
Looking forward to having an XJ again. Only need to find a way to tell my wife I bought one :thinking:

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Buy it baby!!!

Life is short. Dead is long.

I’m with GT Joey, on this one!

Thanks for the pep talk!

I’ll post pictures if and when I get it.