Sadly I had to part with my XJ12

A lorry decided he didn’t need to wait for me to clear the way before turning.
Unfortunately I don’t have the time to fix this right now and my wife decided this is a good opportunity to take the insurance money and invest it in a family car.
So sadly the car is gone and a new Ford S-Max is on order…
I hope to buy another XJ12 or maybe XJ6 when my wifes Golf eventually dies and I can convince her to use the S-Max after that…
The BMW e34 touring died with engine failure and is not worth fixing a couple of days before the accident. So we are left with my BMW e30 and my wifes Golf for now

I am not quite sure if an X300 or a series 1 or 2 XJ would be a good future replacement for the XJ12.

Sorry my friend , The x300 v12 was a special car, nothing today would feel the same…
Since your on that side of the pond, A family ride that comes close with all round glass and durable ride .
Try a used or new LR4.
Its old school.
I like it , most modern cars are rolling airbags.

Not sure where you are located but if in the US any low mileage fsh X300 or X308 post 2002 would make a satifactory replacement, here in the UK good ones are like “ rocking horse sh*t to find!
Good look with a search.
Nil carbarundum desperatum!

Excuse spelling but Jim Butterworth’s dog aided by Iggy helped me with the quote and typing.

I am in Germany. It is possible to find good x300s here, but unfortunately another Jaguar will have to wait until my wifes car dies and I can convice her to drive the S-Max after that. Alternatively I would have to sell my BMW e30, which I doubt I will do. Space is an Issue and I have nowhere to put another car.

When the time has come to buy another car, I wonder if it will be an x300, or maybe series 1 or 2 XJ6.
The x300 V12 was a very nice car to drive, fuel consumption was the only thing that stoped me from using it as a daily driver. I would expect the AJ16 to be a lot better in that respect.
On the other hand, I think the old series 1 and 2 XJs are even better looking, probably drive quite nicely as well but might cost an arm and a leg to use as a daily driver.

My 3.2 L N/A X300 does 23 mpg for an Urban mix of journys of about 3 to 10 miles each and 28 to 30mpg on a Motorway run. I believe the X308 is somewhat better.

I love them all so might be bias.
Ive had many 95 through 2003 and an original series 1.
If you can find a 95through 97 low mileage with records and a 4.0
Your golden for 200,000 miles and you can diy almost all of the regular service, with modern safety .
If you drive a mile to work the series 1 is fine, but with the way people drive on top of you , it would be a challenge.
The xj8’s are fine but have a built in clock. Once they hit 100,000 miles the engine and tranny implode!
That’s why they are sold for quid.
Nice cars though, I preffer the x300 , but they are all great.
Good luck

Not sure about the consumption. Harlem, my '00 X-308, was getting less than 17 MPG (U.S.) with city-only driving, which to me seems low, even for a V-8. The last year or so I’m lucky now to even get 14 MPG. No idea what’s up with that, as I run fuel system cleaner and Ethanol “remover” through her on a regular basis. Her plugs are good and new air filter recently. Tires are also full of air. :confused:

I was at about 18 l/100 km which is 13.5 us mpg

I thought I’d never smile again after I lost my last v12. But the x308 4 litre was a revelation after the 6 cyl 4 litres I’d tried. Super smooth, quiet, much more economical and stupid fast, with that dukes of hazard sound when you floored it. A fine car in my view and it’ll make you get over the v12.

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It looks like I might be back in business.:grin:
If all goes well, this will be the replacement for the XJ12:

It’s only a 3.2l, but it is a manual an seems to be in pretty good condition (haven’t seen it myself yet, which is a bit of a risk :sweat_smile:).
Looking forward to having an XJ again. Only need to find a way to tell my wife I bought one :thinking:

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Buy it baby!!!

Life is short. Dead is long.

I’m with GT Joey, on this one!

Thanks for the pep talk!

I’ll post pictures if and when I get it.


Ok, I bought the car. A little overpriced I guess at 4800€, as it does require some work.
The good thing is that there is almost no rust. Engine apparently runs fine.
I need new shock absorbers all round, spring isolators on the rear, new lower ball joints on the front, new pressure hose for power steering, gear box and differential are leaking. Also radiator and condensor mounts need replacing. On the body in need the center bumper blades rear and front, possibly a rear bumper and the paint needs work, there are a few dents and the paint job is not very professional. I guess I’ll have to invest another 3500€, but then I’ll have a pretty decent car.

Here are a couple of pictures. Doesn’t really show the problem areas. I’ll have to take my own pictures to show those.

I guess I’ll be posting with silly questions soon…


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Drive it, when your done call me we try to ship it to new York ;0

I will ask if you are still interested should I ever decide to sell the car.


Thanks my friend

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Finally, the car is on the road:

As always things have taken longer and were more expensive than anticipated.
Now I have a couple of things left to fix:

  • There is a banging noise when the load changes, sounds like a dead engine or gearbox mount.
  • some idiot has broken half the center console trying to get access to the radio. Radio surround/frame is broken, clock mounts are broken, ski slope has an edge missing, the bolts for the two wing nuts are torn off, the joining piece between ski slope and ashtray is broken and the ashtray is broken. Lots of prying with a screw driver has happened here…
  • the heater does not work, engine temperature gets cold while driving sometimes, not sure what is going on there.
  • rear view mirror is wobbly.
  • probably lots of other stuff I haven’t discovered yet.

I am happy with the car when those things are fixed. But all in all I have overpayed by a couple grand probably. I do have a nearly rust free car though and it was a pleasure to work on with NONE of the bolts rusted.


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Enjoy it my friend……….Its truly a wonderful car, lets get past this hell and then fiquire it all out!
Check your transmission mount for the rumble bang…
Good luck