Safari on macOS no longer supported?

I’m getting a “browser unsupported” message when trying to access on my Mac. I’ve tried clearing cookies, confirmed my Safari was current updated version, and even restarted the computer. It works ok on iOS on my iPad. Is Discourse no longer usable with Safari?

I’m writing this reply using Safari on macOS. In my case, Safari version 16.2 on macOS Ventura 13.1. I have no such warning.

Did you by any chance change something under the “Develop” menu? Disable Javascript, or change the User Agent?

And FYI, the forum software developers have an Announcements forum on their site, where they announce things like new versions of Discourse and end of support for older browsers. You can find it here:

Also running Ventura and Safari 16.2. The problem persisted throughout the day, and now this evening it seems to be working ok. I hadn’t touched a thing on any settings or menus either before or after. Odd. But at least it functioning now.

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