Sagging Headliner - another temp fix

2001 XJ8 150,000 Km.
I bent 1/4" copper tube to conform to roof, flattened 1/2" length at each end to fit behind trim, my wife sewed a sheath of cloth to cover the tube, added hot glue to secure ends to trim. It has been in place now for 6 y

ears. See attached p hoto.


Stainless thin welding rod works too. You will probably have to weld a couple of lengths together to make the span, but being thin it part buries itself in the fabric and shiny polish matches any colour.

The broker who sold me my 2002 had a new liner installed for $200 (passed along to me). Seems very fair.

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I got my 1990 XJ40 (no sunroof) done locally for about $250 a few years ago. Shop never had to remove the back board completely from the car but was able to do it in the car and completely recover with matching material. Eugene Oregon USA

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