Salisbury Crown Wheel & Pinion

4.55 : 1 ratio CW&P available for very little money:

Hi Ed,

My goodness! That’s a steal for anyone needing it. If it’s ok with you I’ll copy your email onto JagLovers as well as OldClassicCar.

Best wishes to you and Anne,


On 18/09/2021 01:24, Ed Nantes wrote:

Having a clean up at Dougs and found a NOS Salisbury 2 HA CW&P.
Trouble is almost all MkIvs here are 3 1/2. And this is for a 2 1/2,
I was told that other British cars used them as well. Ian Mullins had someone ring
him looking for one for a Bristol a couple of years ago, but can’t remember who
I wonder if the car site you are on , which has a large variety of cars would produce some one who might know.
Not asking big money just want to clear out stuff we will mever use,.
Usual price for this sort lf stuff is a bottle of wine.
Regards to you and Pam
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We have a 2.5 Litre MKIV, very happy to receive the CW&P if possible.
Thank you

Presumably no use in an ENV axle as I have in my '38 SS.

The Salisbury axle uses a totally different casing to the ENV so no use to SS owners.