Salisbury Differential Numbers

Hi All:

Some years ago I had the rear cover plate off of my differential in order to rectify some leakage. I assume that the unit is a standard 3.77 : 1 as I do not believe it has ever been changed, unfortunately, the tag is not present. While off I made a note of the following number on the drive gear: B/L 00 7K1138, can anyone interpret what this is, just a part number or what? Thanks.


Coming up blank on part numbers in the Jaguar SPCs.

I checked Mark V and VII and 140, also nothing.
It might be a production number used internally at Salisbury.

Here is a crown in a 3.54 axle. The 46-13 is the ratio.

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make a chalk mark on drive shaft.make a chalk mark on tire, say at the valve stem, .jack car rear end up…wheels-tires free to turn, place gear shift in neutral, rotate rear wheel/tire in proper direction, count tire revs, compared to drive shaft revs…and you will verify what diff ratio is. Best to do quite a few tire revs…then do the math. Nick.