Salisbury Output Seal alternatives...?

Dear list,

On the process of changing the output shaft bearings and seals on my Salisbury 4HU diff.
Bearings went in fine but having trouble with the seal (JLM1264)…
First try, the seal deformed and it’s ruined.
Any special tricks that I don’t know ?

The difference of the seal OD (68.8mm) and the case diameter (67.85mm) is about 1mm, and if it doesn’t go straight in from the beginning the seal is destroyed in the process (I don’t have a press).

So I have to get new ones and I was wondering if instead I could get Viton, but can’t find the right dimensions.
Anyone has done it ?
Does it have to be the metal only case or would a normal seal work as well ? (I don’t see why not…)

What I have found so far:
CR 18626 Nitrile - single lip (1.875x2.686x0.313 inch) is a perfect match.
CR 18652 Viton - single lip (1.875x2.75x0.313 inch) OD is 69.85mm - 2.75" , so it will either have to sit at the upper part of the case as it’s bigger, or it has to be modified.

The case has a “step”, at the bottom sits the seal and above it (larger diameter) sits the protective cover thing.


A 1mm press fit? Really? I can’t imagine that working.

IIRC, the common solution here was to purchase output shaft assemblies already assembled, just bolt in. Exchange the old ones. I guess this kinda thing is the reason why.

That “protective cover thing” also surprises me. What good is that supposed to be? I don’t recall seeing such a thing on any other shaft seal installation.

I agree 1mm press fit on a seal is never going to work.

The side axles have a drain hole that comes out at the bottom of the axle housing. The protector makes sure the oil goes down instead of flinging around and getting on the brakes. Planning ahead for a leak.

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Me neither…
I guess will go with the CR 18626 ?
I was hoping to find a Viton with double lip but it doesn’t seem to exist.

Thanks for clarifying that Dick , I was also wondering what was the reason of that thingy thing !
Didn’t serve much though… my brakes were totally soaked…


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The seal went in… funny how things work when you have the right tools !

If anyone is interested, you can follow the complete IRS thread over at the XJ forum.