[Saloon-lovers] 420 compact automatic saloon - inhibitor

Noel, Hi
Glad to see y ou back.

The S-Type used C22948, a cylindrical thing attached to the side of the steering
column. This with the DG box, so I imagine it is quite different.When I
replaced it, I discovered thatthe wiring diagram was wrong, ie the wires for the
revesing lights went on the (diagram indicated) terminals for the starter
cut-out, and vice versa.This made for an interesting fault, ie the reverse
lights came on in P and N, amd the car would only start in R !!! In fact, I
noticed as soon as I saw the reverse lights on, and diagnosed from there

64 S-Type

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Yesterday I removed the inhibitor switch and prised off the casing in the
hope that it would be reairable. Unfortunately the contacts inside have been
severely burned (the reversing light switch section of the unit) and the
contacts cannot be removed without destroying the unit. So, the only answer
is replacement.

The item is a Lucas 12GSA “switch for reverse lamp and starter cutout”
Jaguar part number C23291.


Was this part used on any other late 1960s vintage Jaguars?