[Saloon-lovers] 420G / MK10 Headlining

Can anyone give some quick tips on removing the headlining
fabric on my 420G…I have the timber off…the cantrails are
different from a XJ6, which i have done, although superficially similar.

I need to replace the fabric…so i need to remove the front and rear

How are they attached to the roof…the cantrail roll seems to be one piece
all round?

The manual does not refer.

						regards tony

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Hi Tony, I need to replace the headliner in my 1970 420G. Is there a stockist in UK that can sell me one ? I think the colour is biscuit, Cheers Dudley dudleypinnock@adam.com.au

I highly recommend Martrim out the UK. I had problems with color matching with the US supplier as they sent a foam backed sheet of fabric for the main part of the headliner and fabric from a different lot for the rest that did not match. I found Martrim and they were great to work with. Per your request, they will send you samples of the colors that you are interested in. Be careful removing the large fiberglass(?) form that the headliner is attached. It is quite brittle.

Thank you Michael,

I’ll contact Martrim immediately,



There are several that supply everything in UK, but I cant recall the names. UK folk will know

Original cloth is “West of England” = expensive

I did mine in “headlining felt” which is pressed wool, and cheap (looks great though)

I dislike the foam backed stuff for several reasons

Its a big and tricky job, the rear is a nightmare, various different pin types, and they like breaking, spares are hard to find

have fun

Thanks Tony,



Hi, i bought a headlining cloth kit from SNG Uk which was high quality, large enough for all panels. I removed the rear window and then the roof panel was easily slid out from there. My advice would be to cut the old glass seal and install a new. Very easyly done. Me and my wife did the job at home without much trouble and the result was great. All panels were stripped and we put some additional thin foam on some of them. It took some time and effort to smoothen the roof panel which was very uneven in the surface after removing the old cloth. It took a weekend to complete the job.
Br Svante

If I recall correctly, early cars like mine were straight glued to the ceiling. Later version had some type of backing. I coated the roof with Dynamat and it has helped reduce the noise. I believe I got my material from BAS.