[Saloon-lovers] 54 Mark VII colors


Hi Orlando @ all – posting this to saloons because someone may have better
info than I do – the following colours were available on your '54 Mk VII
(source: Nigel Thorley, JAGUAR MK VII TO 420G, THE COMPLETE COMPANION) –

Suede green: suede green int.
Ivory: red or pale blue int.
Birch grey: red, grey, or pale blue int.
Battleship grey: red, grey, or biscuit int.
Lavender grey: red, suede green, or pale blue int.
Gunmetal: red, grey, or pale blue int.
Black: red, tan, grey, or biscuit int.
Pastel green: Suede green or grey int.
Pastel blue: pale blue int.
Dove grey: tan or biscuit int.
Twilight blue: blue int.

Also – Jaguar would paint any car to any colour on order, for a few extra
pounds – if you’re planning to show the car, you’d need factory
documentation by chassis # if the colour is anything else.

To find the original colour: it’s in the boot in front of the lid (crawl
in and look up), and on the insides of the doors (remove an upholstery

YES, original colour does matter in terms of value. Neither red nor maroon
is on the above list, so it’s been resprayed at least once. If you don’t
have factory documentation for any other colour, I recommend staying with
the list.

I hope this helps – take care – Larry Martz**********
Hi Larry

Thanks for the information you provided me with. I’m currently
in the process of painting my car and I’m confused about what
color to paint it. When I bought the car it was painted red, but it
seems that maroon was the original color.

I purchased black paint and now I’m wondering if I should stick to the
original color? How does one know for sure what the orignal color was to
begin with? Any suggestions? Does this effect the selling value and
deter it’s sale? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks again.