[Saloon-lovers] Alternator conversion to fit steering pump (Part 1)

I have uploaded some pictures of an alternator conversion I have
done to my 340.
I have made up an adapter for the back of a Hitachi LR170-505 as
fitted to the Vauxhall Astra diesel, to enable the original
steering pump to be mounted.
Note: I have used one of these;
ZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem recon Hitachi alternators, This is a
later model than the one used in the Mr Jaguar conversion.
I spoke to Mike, who runs the company that is selling these
alternators on ebay. He was very helpful and we spent some time
discussing these alternators and my conversion. He does sell the
older LR170-420 �Fully enclosed� alternators which I think are the
ones used in the Mr Jaguar conversion, but says that they have a
tendency to be unreliable. They tend to overheat and the electrics
are a bit flaky (My words not his). On the plus side they have a
larger shaft through the middle and thus a larger spline but it is
debatable whether this is necessary. Your choice.
Anyway, use this information as you wish. I have no connection to
this company other than as a satisfied customer. I too accept no
responsibility for anything that goes wrong. Any attempt at this
conversion is at your own risk, but I am quite happy to advise.

I bought a 5inch by 1 inch aluminium disc on e-bay (they are also
available from Noggin End Metals)
and using the backplate of the alternator pump as a template, I
drilled three holes to match the mounting holes on the back of the
alternator and a two inch hole through the centre of the disc. It
is best to mark out the disc first by finding the centre then
scribing the circle for the two inch hole and circle the centres of
both sets of mounting bolt holes. Easier said than done and it is
not exactly how I did mine, but with hindsight, it would make life
easier. Note also that the three bolt holes on the alternator do
not have the same pitch circle; two are the same, but the third has
a larger diameter pitch circle.
The back plate of the air pump that comes with the alternator is
used in the conversion, but it has a raised middle section that has
to be ground down flat, so that it can be sandwiched between the
body of the alternator and the aluminium disc. The drive on the
back of the alternator is splined. The Jaguar steering pump has a
slot drive and with a thinner disc it might be possible to simply
grind down the end of the spline to a screwdriver shape, to slot
into the pump, but I think the thicker disc provides more support
and provides a solid inflexible mount for the pump so the
aforementioned drive was not an option. Also, the thicker disc puts
the pump further back and nearer to its original location which is
important if you are using the original pipes.

Paul Scott
Oxford, United Kingdom
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