Greetings Listers
I have not cotributed to the list in a good while, after quadruple
heart surgery last February my wife & I have been kind of laying back in
Kittyhawk & the outer banks of North Carolina, but I have been lurking &
enjoying the list.In between the travels & enjoying my new pipes I have
managed to finish the 420’s doors off, glass out, body resurection & have
it back as a daily driver. During the 3 year downtime that was supossed
to be only a year I have ended up with some extra pieces that someone
could probly use; some finished pieces of wood, some pieces of
unfinished wood, a roll of enough FAWN headliner material to do the flat
roof panel, plus some miscellaneous stuff & parts.
Among the stuff is a NOS brake master cyl for a MK 10, IT IS IN A
GIRLING box with hand written #s 6496829 & says for 64-67 420g or 64-66
MK10 numbers cast on the cyl are 646775729.
Anyone interested in any of these things can have them if they pay
the shipping, I would rather give things to people on the list rather
than e bay or flea market them, email me off list for pictures or better
Thanks to all
Dean Henry
67 Jag 420
College Park Md, USA

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In reply to a message from jo266@juno.com sent Mon 8 Nov 2004:

Dean, read your note with interest, both because I am restoring a
67 420G and because I thought it was nice of you to want to help
out those who will never get back moneywise what they put into
their Jags. I tried to email you from my hotmail address
@viejo but it said it sent one and blocked the
same one. If you didn’t get it, please email me and I’ll see if I
can get back to you. Thanks,
Bill Lee–
Tucson, Arizona 85742, United States
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