[Saloon-lovers] Jag-lovers server downtime

For your information, the Jag-lovers server was down for approximately 7
hours, due to the recently installled 18Gb disk drive failing.
This now means the server is pushed for space, and therefore some functions
may not be fully operational.

If you have sent any recent e-amils which you think have not appeared,
please allow some time before re-sending.

Our thanks go to Gunnar, who not only spotted the problem, but worked very
quickly to restore the server to an operational mode. This would be the
last thing he needed, at any time of the year, especially now. Rememer he is
a volunteer like all the admins, although I do hear he crawled under his
desk and cried before the repair. He spent his evening moving and restoring
files to a smaller disk and restoring databases.

We are seriously low on disk space (18Gb just got lost), although we can
work like this for a while, we may look to another fundraiser (it has been a
couple of years since the last) to replace the disk with ‘something which
won’t fail quite so disastrously’

The admins are trying to decide exactly what to do, so please look out for
any admin announcements which may affect us all. The current thoughts are
that now jag-lovers is so poular now that we ought to instigate design and
purchase of a RAID systemto prevent this happening in the future. It may
require a fund raiser as I indicate above.

Thank you for reading,

Alastair Lauener
Saloons Admin
Daimlan Admin

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