[Saloon-lovers] Jess, MkX


Don’t you know it’s philosophically impossible to own both a Porsche and a
(I checked your aol profile)

The earlier advice of aiming high and offering low is sound, unfortunately.
Mk X’s are a tough car to get rid of. Definitely a buyer’s market. BEWARE,
there are some awful ones out there. I recently purchased a two-owner car,
RUST FREE, new leather, rebuilt B/W model 8 Mk X for $6k after it was for sale
for $11k for four months. It needs brakes and suspension all around (not
cheap) but it is a great driver and I’ll have a ferocious contender in JCNA
driven class in $15k.

E-mail me off list if you have any questions or want me to look at a car in
the SoCal area.

Eric Scott Williams
66 fhc
66 MkX