[Saloon-lovers] Le Mans (was: Winter)

… and 15’ from Monthlery where a (XK) 120 mph record was made, I guess.----------

De�: “Bernard Cristalli” <@Bernard_Cristalli1>

I’m 2 hours east from Le Mans. I already went there.

gary.westbury@kvaerner.com a �crit:

Gary Westbury
'66 DV8

PS One year I hope to take my Daimler to Le Mans, do you go?

Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 07:36:28 +0100
From: “Bernard Cristalli” <@Bernard_Cristalli1>
Subject: Re : [Saloon-lovers] Winter

I was wondering how other Jag-lovers deal with rain, winter, and >snow
Have a good day, rain and storm here in Paris.
My Mk 2 is still on duty.

Bernard Cristalli
Paris France
'64 Mk 2
'69 Beetle