[Saloon-lovers] Looking for Aircon Info on MkII

Im am about to dive into the guts of my father’s MkII 3.8 and figure out how
to air condition it. Is there anyone that you know of that has done a nice
conversion? We have already done the engine bracketry. What we need is the
inside parts. Controls, vents and such. Any hints, or ideas?


One person I know is specialising in this area as part of his restoration
service. Contact details in the UK are:

Alan Proctor Restorations
Tel / Fax 01909 501660 Days
01909 470454 Eves

I know he has just restored a MK2 for export with Aircon installed.


Dave Roche

3.8 MK2 1960 (Not Aircon - I live in Scotland !!)