[Saloon-lovers] Mark 2 Headliner


Just a celebratory note: Yesterday I finished installing a new BAS
headliner in my Mark 2. Both front and rear windows out, entire interior
out, new “DynaMat” sound deadener installed on entire roof. Headliner glued
at the front and rear windows, electric stapled along the sides.

Very careful and slow progress…but:

A beautiful, tight, wrinkle-free final product!!

Now it’s on to Furflex (contact cement), carpet pads, carpet etc, etc.

I never appreciated the implications of a properly installed interior
before. A lot of tiny details to tend to. But the design of overlapping
elements is wonderful. In the end you have nothing visible but finely
finished wood, wool, and leather. It’s great!

Tom Carson
1962 Mark 2
Juneau, Alaska