[Saloon-lovers] MK 2 Fastener Questions


I have a couple of nuts and bolts questions about MK 2 fasteners.
The first question is what exactly is the correct screw type used
to hold the clip together on the brake fluid container bracket? It
is, according to the spare parts catalogue, #UFS.319/8H. This
brings me to my second question. How do I know what that part is?
Is there a chart or conversion key of some kind availible? I have
seen a somewhat limited version in the back of SNG Barratt’s
catalogue, but a complete guide to deciphering the part numbers in
regard to fasteners would really be a huge help. This is
particulary true since, early in the restoration, I removed a
number of parts for plating, and in that initial phase assumed that
good notes or photos would be an overkill since I was going to be
reassembling in a few weeks time. Years later as I look through the
box of replated parts for possible fits, I wish I’d left myself a
clue. Any help will appreciated!

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