[Saloon-lovers] Mk 2 seat dilemma - any words of wisdom?

Had the chance of a set of seats from an X-308, Daimler
version with the picnic tables. So spent a happy morning
fitting them to the 3.4 (fronts only). Quite a simple job.

Result - you sit a bit higher, which I suspect is more than
just the sagging in the old seats; much more comfortable
and of course infinitely electrically adjustable. Also more
safety with the headrests.

The only downside is that they look out of place ! I expect
they’d be better when dyed to match, but still…Oh, and
you can’t reach back to open the rear quarterlight.

I have the centre console too, and plan on making up a
hybrid console using the front half of the existing one (or
rather a spare I have lying around) and the back half of
the 308 one, with armrest/cubby box and air vents. You
need the console, really, as the 308 seats are narrower
than Mk 2s, so there’s a bit of a gap to fill.

I’d keep the old seats and console, so the mod would be

So really can’t make up my mind whether to proceed or not -
what do others think ? Originality or comfort ? Car only
does a couple of thousand miles a year.–
Anthony Richards
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