[Saloon-lovers] New Canadian Member owns 420G basic info.(reply)

I own a 67 420G and have found Jack White of Jagnut Jaguar Spares in
Luray, VA (540-743-4037) to be very reputable. I leave tomorrow to pick up
brand knew leather seats, front and rear, from a restored wreck. The price? A
very, very reasonable $650. I get alot of my hard to find mechanical parts from
him and then do the rebuilds myself.
When restoring a car, I would do the mechanicals first, the interior and
then the body. Do the interior in the original leather if possible. These cars
are beautiful when kept in original specs. By the way, I’m originally from
Buffalo and miss Canada.

Sean Thomas Tarpy
3439-A2 N. Sharon Amity Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28205

67 Jaguar 420G
69 Triumph GT-6+