[Saloon-lovers] Overdrive Question.... I DON'T want overdrive to work ...to work

Very Unusual Overdrive Question…

I don’t want to have a working overdrive!

I have been told that the overdrive in a Jaguar Mk2 transmission can NOT handle vintage racing.

If you disable, or unplug, the overdrive can you use the transmission as a basic 4 speed without blowing up? … or does the “not handling” mean even when the overdrive is not engaged?

Obviously I am a little fuzzy on how the overdrive unit internals work but I sure hope the power is safely transferred through the disengaged overdrive unit as I have a spare 3.8L overdrive transmission I would like to use for a year while I am searching for parts to rebuilt an another synchromesh tranmission I have.

So any of you overdrive experts know how to safely shut one down?

Man, it is so strange to ask how to make something not work and send it to the list :slight_smile:

Jeff Warner
San Antonio, TX


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