[Saloon-lovers] Racing!

Ok, where are all the racing Jags hiding? I know they are out there.

I have two race weekends for you and you can become part of one of the most
unique vintage races in the world.
I am Ralph Steinberg Race Chair for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.
For those of you who have been off planet for awhile the PVGP is a vintage
race held on the streets of Schenley Park Pittsburgh, Pa. We close the park
down Friday night and for two glorious days we race through the park. A few
hundred thousand cheering people come out to watch us and see the giant car
shows going on at the same time.
We can now claim to be the longest continuos street race in the world. This
is our 22nd year of vintage racing in the park! We race to have safe fun,
put a show on for the crowd and to help some really needy people. We raise,
over 1.7 million so far, money for two great charities, the Pittsburgh
Autistic Society and the Allegheny School.
This year I have a new group running at the park, production cars built
after 1959 but prior to 1965 under 2.2 liter. There is a little leeway in
the years if a car was built in 1965 but is the same as the model built in

We have added for this year a whole new race venue for the weekend prior to
PVGP. On the weekend of July 10-11 we will be racing at BeaveRun just
outside of Pittsburgh. We have classes for cars built prior to 1973 under
2.5 liter and over 2.5 liter. This is again a charity event and is part of
the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix week long Festival Of Speed.

For more detailed info you can go to www.cloverleaf-auto.com and click the
PVGP button. Just follow the links for entry forms, schedules, grids and
the like

Ralph Steinberg
Race Chair PVGP

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