[Saloon-lovers] RE: Daimler V8 Spark Plugs

  1. Q: The spark plugs in the car are quite ancient KLGs. What are the
    modern Bosch, Champion, or, more importantly, NGK plug equivalents one can
    use in the 2.5L V8 engine?

A: Daimler V8 spark plugs Champion N8 or easier to get N5C

  1. Q: What is the easiest way to tell if the car has been converted to
    negative earth (still has a generator, but the ammeter seems to read in
    reverse to what it should, so it may have been changed over)

A: The ammeter should be connected the other way round from the wiring diagram for negative earth. If the battery is connected and every thing works its easy ! Use a voltmeter set for say 20 volts DC connect the red wire from the voltmeter to the positive pole of the battery and the black wire (common) from the meter to the car body. If you get a reading showing 12 volt + then the car is negative earth. If the reading goes against the meter stop (zero) or if digital meter a minus reading then its positive earth.


Keith Doran

1988 XJS V12 5.3L
1968 Daimler 250