[Saloon-lovers] Re: Mk V bonnet meets shell

Cap’n Fred…
IWhen I refit mine, I put it all together loosely and jiggled and pushed all
the parts until I got some semblance of correctness. I actually had to drill
a new hole for the lower radiator mount because the car was hit in the front
and straightened out in a former life. It took several hours of “too much on
this side”, “not enough on that side”, etc. As to holding up the bonnet, a
few years back at the British car shows, someone was selling rubber tipped
metal dowels with little gold chains for about twenty bucks each. In my
opinion, the stick method works just fine. If you want it to look good at a
show, varnish the stick. If you’re going for concours, put a little left
over burled walnut veneer on the stick, then varnish it. If you make one for
each side, make sure the veneer is bookmatched.
Craig Carragan
Southbury, CT USA

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