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Hello Per Age,

Somehow I didn�t get the digest no 51, where I supoose you asked how many pleats
there are in MK VII seats, but I noticed some replys in the next two digests. Anyhow,
my answer is:

Our MKVII-52 (732926) has 7 and it is 100% original since it has been in my family
since new.

There is a picture on my page:

The picture sohows the seats from behind, but if you�ll need some other or that one
in bigger format, I could take them and send you off-line, since this forum doesn�t
allow attachments.


Tomi J
MK VII -52
XK 150 -60

At 07:58 AM 2/8/01 +0100, you wrote:

Hello all.

I have started to restore the seats of my MkVII. The old ones were in
a sad state with the leather replaced by velour covers. I have copied
the patterns of the first seat in nice brown leather and yesterday
Iwas looking through one of my many books on Jaguar cars studying
pictures of seats. I then discovered that the number of pleats in the
pictures was highly variable. From pictures from about 10 different
cars I found that the number varied from 4 wide (possibly from a
MkVIII) to 8 quite narrow pleats. Mine has 7, but I do not know if
they have been faithfully copied from the original. Now I wonder if
Jaguar actually used a random number or if the number was changed
from one year to another. Personally I find the pattern I have with 7
pleats quite nice, but I’d be interested in hearing what other MkVIIs



Per-Age Krogstad
Stjordal, Norway

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