[Saloon-lovers] re: S-Type Ventilation

greetings listers …

the MKVII uses a special thermostat to direct coolant to an internal
port depending upon the engine temperature … a ‘normal’ type
thermostat can be fitted but it defeats the original design and permits
coolant to flow through this port at all times … the thrmostat i am
using opens at 160F … this is acceptable for the summer months in
arizona, as the engine temp seldom rises above 75 degrees C … in the
winter, the engine temp will barely reach 60 deg.C … this is too cold
… so i put a piece of cardboard in front of the radiator to raise the
engine temp, as i have not found thermostats of the proper type rated at
180 F.
hope this helps,
'91 XJ-40

Jaguar used to recommend - and I have heard of people fitting - an 88
degree thermostat for winter use. Anyone any experience of this with an
S Type (I heard of someone using one in a Mk VII with some success …)

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