[Saloon-lovers] Re: Veneer Source

Chaplin, what source do you use for veneer? The major source I have used in
the past is Constantines [in the Bronx].

Another good source for veneers is the Dean Company. Sorry, but I
couldn’t find a web site for them and I don’t have the address handy and
the latest issue of WoodenBoat� doesn’t have one of their ads. If I can
find an old invoice from them or another ad I’ll post it another time.
Their veneers run mostly to boatbuilding woods and are slash rather than
rotary cut, but they might have something of interest.

An aside on refinishing; on my boats I always coat all surfaces of the
wood with epoxy and then finish with spar varnish. The epoxy completely
seals the wood and the spar varnish gives it a fine gloss finish. While
it is a high gloss, it is not a plastic look like some of the petroleum
based finishes and the natural products offers a nice warm glow to the


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