[Saloon-lovers] Re: [xk-engine] fly in the soup, or shrapnel in the sump

What you did is what most people don’t have the nerve to do. You stated that
the metal bits are “ferrous”, that rules out any white metal shell type
bearing. It could be a chain tensioner or an oil slinger or a - what the
heck, you have no alternative but to fully dismantle the engine. Why bother
speculating? Get it apart and all will be revealed. It will be most obvious
from where the metal has come. Good luck. BTW, don’t run it until it is
fixed, a lot more expense could be just a few revs away!

Len Brighton
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What is your oil pressure when hot ?

Many things your problem can be, I would first pull the sump, could be some
swarfing that has been about for some time.

If your oil pressure is low when hot, and the Crankshaft moves back & forth
with a noticeable Clunk clunk,if you can see the movement, maybe the
Crankshaft Thrusts have fallen to pieces, this happens when the White Metal
or Copper Lead goes Bye Bye, also some people mistakenly put the Thrusts the
wrong way round in time it wears the crankshaft & thrusts away.hope this is
not your problem.

If you have an engine with Cotter Pins, Slit Pins fitted to the Rod Bolts
these little Suckers work back & Forth break up and fall to the bottom of
the Sump, sometimes they mysteriously get caught up in the Oil Pump Rotor,
Pressure relief valve.

As said I would pull the Sump first maybe you can get an idea of what’s
happening and plan your attack.
You maybe able to resolve the problem without a costly overhaul,if you pull
the sump let me know what you find, often what seems like a disaster can be
overcome with some good thinking and application of a procedure to save some
Example if the thrust area of the Crank is worn and with 2 x .004"
Crankshaft Thrusts fitted one still has too much end float, one can cut from
shim stock appropriate thickness Shims to go behind the Thrusts thus
reducing the end float to an acceptable limit,I find that most engines need
to be shimmed in this manner,mostly because Crank Grinders Roll a Smoke and
take too much off the Critical area of the Crank,then no over the counter
Shim can solve the problem.

Lots of effective methods can be used to keep them rolling. If one has the
facilities & the know how or buckets of cash best to strip it right
down,depends really on the individual usage and expectancy of performance.

Good Luck.
Terry Handley
Bathurst Australia_________________________________________________________
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