[Saloon-lovers] Re: [xk-engine]liner resleeving question

Larry Martz
:My questions are: If there is indeed bore damage, can I remove the linerand
replace it? None of my workbooks (Jaguar or otherwise) discusses this.

Can one remove the original liner? If so, just how does one do it?
Because my engine is original and has never been bored, I assume that a
new, correct liner will be exactly the same diameter as the original – am
I right? Is there a manual available that discusses replacing the liners?

Hi Larry,

I found a novel way of removing cylinder liners on the 3.8L engine, I made a
“hockey puck” out of steel about two inches thick with a lip to fit inside the
bore, yet the bigger diameter was small enough to fit in the liner hole in the
block, then I put it in the TOP and with a 20 lb. sledge hammer, drove it down
and as it hit the main bearing bosses, it broke up in pieces. It takes about
40 smacks to knock it down, but can be done in the car. The new sleeve can be
inserted WITHOUT cooling the sleeves or heating the block, I have done this on
more than one engine with no adverse effects. If you have the block out, you
can press the sleeve out, but, with my 12 ton press I had to start the sleeve
out with the hammer, then I could press it out the rest of the way. Pressing
them in is better too, but again, I found it worked more accurately to start it
with the sledge.A portable boring bar such as a kwik way, can be fitted on top
if the head studs are removed. I found a sleeve that fits right inside the old
block bore without boring to fit the outside of the sleeve. It is a
Harley-Davidson stroker sleeve Part #T-701-H and is 3.422 (ID)X 1/16 inch.
Available from Los Angelos Sleeve Co. PH 562-945-7578. Aobut $18 each if you
can get it at dealer price. This will yield a stock cylinder size after boring
out about 20 thou. on the inside, which can be done by honing if you have a
good system and use three different grits of stones.
Lots of fun getting it to the correct size. Mind the ring gap!
Bob Pfost
2 Mark 9s
64 E OTS
73 Opel GT (My E coupe surrogate)
90 Miata (My pre OTS surrogate)
67 Renault Dauphine