[Saloon-lovers] S-type value

I’m considering selling my 65 3.8S with MOD because of too many other car
projects. It’s a great driver that wins autocrosses and rallies. 5-year-old
paint, rebuilt engine, clean vinyl interior, also have parts car with extra
engine. Any ideas about what it’s worth in the US? I wonder if there is a
market for old saloons. I bought it a decade ago because I liked it, not as
an investment, so I never worried about it’s value. But now I need the
space. Any thoughts about value? I’m thinking $10-12,000.

John Olman

Hi John,
It’s really hard to say what the market value would be without seeing the
car. The vinyl seats will bring it down $1-2000. You might try taking it to
a car show in your area and asking for offers. Ebay (ebay.com) is also a
possibility, where you could auction the car with a reserve price.
I might even be interested in your parts car if it has everything that could
convert my automatic into MOD.
Bill Brockschmidt
'65 S-type
Springfield, Illinois
(cousin of Steve Parris who is a starting pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds)