[Saloon-lovers] Speedometer cable, RHD MK2/V8/420/S

Before I share my mistake, I want to encourage you to try SNG Barratt in the
UK if you need an unusual bit. They have an e-mail address
(barratt@barratt.co.uk) and are very polite and helpful. Usually, the price
with shipping is about the same as a US supplier and e-mail makes
communication cheap. However, when you make a mistake it often doesn’t pay
to return the part. For example, I ordered cable C15929 that fits many
right-hand drives but not one with a DG transmission. If anyone is
interested in the cable at a reasonable price or in trade, please contact me
directly. BTW, I now have the correct part (C15933) and, no the LHD won’t
work. Too short.