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Hi list: In trying to finish up my MK9 (hoping to use it in a wedding this
weekend-- but won’t make it) I am having trouble with my starter motor. I was
following a discussion on the XK list, so I tried their suggestions-- loosen
the two mounting bolts if there is a bind, but no help. Engine turns over with
a big wrench fairly easilly, but starter can barely turn it. Tonight I will
remove the shield on the bell housing to try to count the flywheel teeth to
see if I have the correct flywheel/starter motor match (car has an auto trans.)
In looking at the MK2 parts book, I see that very late cars using the Model
35 trans. (340 for example) are supposed to have a spacer between the motor
and bell housing, but DG250 cars do not. I can dig up a spacer around my
house, but am curious if anyone out there has the spacer on a MK7/8/9 or 3.8 MK10,
earlier MK2 or S type.
Assuming the more costly fix, does anyone out there have a working
starter motor they want to unload? Part number is 26097.
Regards, Bob McAnelly

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In reply to a message from Jagdad11@aol.com sent Tue 18 May 2004:

It sounds like your motor is engaging the flywheel and turning the
engine, just too slowly. If it wasn’t engaging properly you would
get a horrible grinding noise. From that I would think that your
mounting is o.k.
Do you have a good grounding strap from the engine to the
frame/body/ground of the car?

do you have good contacts at the solenoid, are the power lines to
the starter frayed or getting hot someplace?

Is the battery tip top?

If that is all fine, can you get your starter taken apart, clean
the brushes, re cut the slices in the comuntator?

Peter J. Smith, 1966 3.8S, 67 MGB
carson city nevada, United States
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