[Saloon-lovers] SU carbs,small air leaks may not be a problem

If the air to the SU’s can be balanced at the minimum rpm specified, or
close to it, the air leaks may not be a problem! After all, as long as the
air passes the carb throat entering into the combustion chamber, small
spindle wear leaks or missaligned discs on the spindle may not really matter
that much, as long as you can balance those SU’s to the specified rpm. The
fuel flow is what matters. If you cannot stall your engine by rotating the
fuel jet to the lean position, then fuel and air are making combustion. It
appears that the shoulder of the needle in the cylinder is located in the
wrong position in my manual. If the shoulder of the needle extends down
beyond the cylinder to come into direct contact with the top jet, when the
fuel jet is leaned as far as it will go, then no fuel will pass through, and
the engine will stall. For my stalwart friends out there who can’t stall
their engines when leaning the fuel jet this may be a solution. Does anyone
disagree with this idea? I don’t know how original it is. Also, there’s
more. I replaced my needle jets with “Grose” jets and so far (knock wood) no
more flooding or dripping out of the front of the carbs. And lastly per Rob
Reilly’s suggestion (to help keep my carburetors cooler) I changed the
heat-conductive aluminum spacers between the carbs and the head with MGA ABS
spacers and for the first time my carbs are cool to the touch. It requires
two MGA spacers to match the thickness of one H4 SU MkV aluminum spacer. I
hope this info helps someone. I did not determine the availability of ABS
(if that’s the actual plastic material) for H6 and H8 SU’s.
Cap’n Fred Saas 628393

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