[Saloon-lovers] [xk-engine] 3.8 litre engine rebuild

Hi Guys

The 3.8 out of my '63 Mk2 is at the machinist now - I’ve asked him to do a
30 thou overbore (because the PO had a set of 6 new Hepolite pistons that he
gave me with it when I bought it to restore and that’s what size they are).

The machinist has strongly recommended that I don’t do a 30 thou -
particularly seeing as the engine has never previously been touched
(surprised me!!)
He said I shouldn’t go over 20 thou as 30 thou makes the liners too
weak. The only trouble is that adds an extra grand to the cost of the
rebuild if I have to go out and source a set of (20thou) pistons. The
machinist isn’t an XK specialist but he has certainly done quite a few
(Repco in Northmead for the Aussie list members).

So… the question is - is there any known major issue with doing a 30 thou
oversize on the 3.8 ?

63 Mk2 3.8 (lotsa bits :slight_smile:
Sydney, Oz.

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