Sat Nav Mounting ideas

(Justin Hill) #1

So I bought a stand-alone sat-nav for my 2003 X350. Not that the factory sat nav isn’t charming (and strangely functional) but I wanted more. The Garmin (Drivesmart 6i LMT-D) unit I’ve bought is insanely good but has a huge 6.9 inch display and anywhere I stick it on the windscreen it seems to be in the way.

Has anyone been through this and come up with a cunning way to mount such a thing elsewhere without defacing the interior? I can see a perfect spot on the dashboard timber just below and to the left of the air vent (RHD car) but I can’t think how to attach it there without damaging the veneer.

I’ve seen gizmos for mounting your phone that attach to the air vents themselves but I don’t trust them not to damage the vanes - plus this Garmin is quite a bit heavier than the average phone.

(Grahame Loader) #2

I came to a solution to your problem from a different angle. I use my Android phone for sat navigation and hands-free speaker phone and had the same problem of how to fix the phone in position. I reviewed all the large clumsy rigs and rejected all of them. Especially the ones designed to clip to the heater vents, as they, in my opinion and observation, break the vanes. I found the solution in a book store. It consists of a horse shoe shaped clip that sticks on the dash and a flat knob that mounts on the back of your device. Sort of like a fifth wheel on a semi. I have the horse shoe clips mounted on each of my vehicles and can transfer the phone between them and keep it with me when away from the car.