Sat nav update disc

Hi I have just managed to buy a dvd disc to update my japanese imported s type 2006.
Can anybody give me a rough idea as to how long it takes to load it. I tried but after 2 hrs thought something must be wrong. So I have restarted it again.
It’s the western europe version.
Running the engine and slowly running out of petrol​:joy::joy:
Sat nav says reading disc please wait
Hope you can help

I have not worked on these on a daily basis since 2006 but I saved the info from my days at the dealer.

TSB info for you!!

S419-13 Telematics Concerns.pdf (23.3 KB)
S419-14 Telematics Issues.pdf (68.7 KB)
S419-15 Navigation System.pdf (90.6 KB)

Thank you for the details. The map supplier is sending me another one so if that doesn’t work I will go through the files and see if I can do it myself… With some help🤔

New update disc worked a treat. A bit old 2012. But at least it is a uk map

Now to the radio. I read how to get the audio set up screen. Simple I thought🤔 just tick euro/up and away I go. But I have no options on my setup. !!!
I have managed a local radio on a low frequency so that’s something…

I also purchased a Japan import 2005 S-Type R around 2 years ago. I can advise you on this as I had exactly the same issue you have where there are no regions in the set-up menu. I spent many hours researching this and also speaking to supposed experts. I was told by Jaguar’s central support that it is not possible to change the region without completely re-wiring the car (I kid you not, I still have the emails!), my local Jaguar dealer told me there is no one working there anymore who knows anything about S-Type’s so they cannot help. An independent Jaguar specialist told me they can do the region change but advised me after looking at the car and failing to change the region that that my audio unit is ‘broken’ which is why there are no selections in the set-up menu but would gladly swap the audio unit out for a second-hand unit which was not acceptable to me as I would have lost my very rare MD player option plus I want to keep 100% originality. I asked if it needs to be done via IDS/SDD but they told me there is no option there to do this. To cut a very long story short, it is indeed very possible to change the region of the audio unit but only via the IDS/SSD software. I purchased this item from ebay: Jaguar Land Rover Range Rover Diagnostic IDS SDD JLR PRO 160.02 FULL CHIP Cable | eBay and made the supposedly impossible change myself. I cannot remember exactly where I went to in the software but it was pretty much common sense when I browsed through the menu’s. Also enabled lock and go, horn chirp on double locking and re-set the gearbox adaptions. It is important to connect a high-power battery charger to the car when using IDS/SDD to stop the battery going flat during the process which would be disastrous. I would consider this option very carefully as there is the potential of damaging and even ‘bricking’ the cars systems. As no one was able to help me I was left with very few other options. Don’t necessarily believe what manufactures and experts tell you, it’s always worth delving deeper. Hope this helps.

Great thank you. I will check it out. Like you don’t want to change the radio. I have md but no discs myself.
It would be nice to get a chirp when unlocking…
And drive and go locking .I had that on my 54 s type. But again it’s not essential.
Does your car alarm work??
Regards .